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Excited about entering a life-changing reality show competition, Amy relies on new age religion, vision boards, chakras… and her new life coach, Liz, to help her gain the edge over 7 other gorgeous and talented young women. If Amy wins, she receives $1 million and an open door to her entertainment career. 

Unbeknownst to Amy, her life coach Liz is a member of a secret coven of witches! Their mission is to carry out an ancient curse that was cast on Amy and her ancestors by their leader in 1692 …. at the height of the Salem Witch Trials just before this coven leader was burned at the stake!


Amy doesn’t realize that her new age rituals and mantras are powered by witchcraft and demonic forces, turning the reality show, “American Dream” into an “American Nightmare!”


What starts out as a talent competition for a million dollars turns into a battle for life itself! A contest between 8 sexy and talented young women becomes a Blood Pageant of death, destruction, and demonic forces! 

When you call on forces in the universe and not on God… who do you think will answer?


Forget about who will win… who will survive?

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"This film will scare the living crap out of you!  You won't ever look at a Vision Board the same way ever again..."

Robert Burton, Producer

Snoop Dogg

"This shit is jammin..."
Other Reviews Pending...

The Hollywood Reporter


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